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Introducing the Cane Corso Fund Donation Opportunity!

? Cane Corso Fund Donation
? Price: $25. (increase quantity if you wish to donate more…)

? Help us make a difference in the lives of Cane Corsos in need! With our Cane Corso Fund Donation, you can contribute $25 towards the welfare and rescue of these majestic and loving dogs. Here’s why your donation is a paw-some choice:

95% Goes to the Rescue: We are committed to ensuring that your generous donation makes a direct impact on Cane Corso rescue efforts. A staggering 95% of your $25 contribution goes directly to supporting and caring for these magnificent animals. Your money won’t be lost in administrative expenses or overheads; it goes where it’s needed the most.

Tax-Free Giving: That’s right, your donation is tax-free! Your entire $25 contribution can be claimed as a charitable deduction on your tax return. It’s a win-win situation – you support a noble cause and enjoy the benefits of a tax deduction. It’s the perfect way to give back while maximizing your financial savings.

Saving Lives, One Cane Corso at a Time: Every dollar you donate helps the rescue provide shelter, food, medical care, and love to Cane Corsos in distress. Your contribution could mean the difference between a life of suffering and a second chance at a loving home. Together, we can make a significant impact on the well-being of these incredible dogs.

? Your Support Matters: Your support is greatly appreciated, and it’s a step towards ensuring that every Cane Corso receives the love and care they deserve.

Join us in our mission to spread awareness on breed-specific education to help owners learn how to care and train their Corso properly to avoid surrendering to a rescue or shelter later. Give now, and let’s make a positive impact on the breed’s future together.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion and as a Token of appreciation, upon completion of your order you will be able to download a special high-value prize!

Donatation to our Rescue Fund

In addition to your donation supporting our rescue fund, take advantage of purchasing Corso Apparel. When purchasing apparel, a portion of the proceeds generated from each purchase will be channeled into our Rescue Fund. This fund is designed to provide financial assistance to Corso rescues that are struggling to cope with the influx of surrendered dogs. By providing education, fostering community, and supporting Corso rescues, we can make a lasting impact on the well-being of this majestic breed. Let us come together to create a brighter future for Corsos everywhere, one informed and caring owner at a time. Join us as we celebrate this special occasion and support our Corso Rescue Fund.

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